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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Now that we're into the second year of living with pandemic restrictions, there seems to be hope on the horizon, as friends and family receive their vaccinations, and western cultures look forward to more socialization in their lives. But it's still too soon to tell.

Currently, I'm packing up artwork and getting ready to install the work in an upcoming exhibition at the Britannia Art Gallery in Vancouver's east side ... just off Commercial Drive. The show will be installed at the end of May, and runs till August 28th - a nice, long run.

The photograph below is the inspiration for my interest in creating art on the topic of plants growing in difficult places. The exhibition, titled Growth Cycles: Observing Weeds and Wild Plants actually includes other plants as well. I've spent the past three years examining plant life, first in the Britannia catchment area, and later, after the pandemic set in, my observations intensified to the point where I was involved in plant research every day, all day. The exhibition gives a snapshot of my investigations during this three-year period, and includes a small installation comprised of collections of seed pods and other dried plant life, designed to round out the cycle of plant growth.

The Britannia Art Gallery opens at 10am each day. It's open till 6pm most days and till 9pm two days a week. More information is available on the Britannia website. Pandemic protocols are in place, masks are required. No appointment necessary.

Title: A Crack in the Wall

Inkjet photograph on cold pressed archival paper, 11" x 14"

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