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Thanks for your support !!

Many thanks to all who came to the Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl this year. The Crawl took place over two weekends in November, and, thanks to Covid protocols, it was a much quieter, slower paced event than in the past. But it was great!!! So thanks for coming.

More news! I have three small artworks in the North Van Arts Anonymous show, which opens for purchases at 7pm, Thursday, November 25th. Each piece measures 8" x 8" x 1.5" Have a look! 50% of the price goes to the gallery, 50% to the artist.

I can't post photos of my panels because shopping is done anonymously and you don't get to learn who the artist is until AFTER the piece is paid for. It's fun.

Another fundraiser that I'm involved in this year is with the Fort Gallery in Fort Langley, BC. Here's their website for more information. I've donated a mixed media artwork on panel, dimensions are 36" high x 9" wide x 3" deep. It's hard to photograph because it's tall and slim. It fits into some of those narrow spaces at the end of bookshelves, or empty corners.

It's one of those artworks that reads well both vertically and horizontally.

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