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Pivoting in the Pandemic

It's been a long time since I had any understanding where my artwork would go during the many months of the Pandemic, and there's still no clear vision for the months ahead. My studio was closed for a while, and it's now open, but with strict protocols. We were not open during the Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl, which is the major event for studio artists in our catchment area. All spring exhibitions were cancelled, and my December exhibition was cancelled and moved to May, 2021. A few exhibitions went online in the Spring. And no festivals or outdoor sales were permitted. Winter sales and festivals have suffered the same fate. This makes for a lean year for artists.

I've spent much of my time on zoom, taking advantage of the multitude of workshops and other learning opportunities. There's so much learning in the rich online environment. I look forward to new opportunities in 2021, and trust this period of isolation will bring the reflection and contemplation that leads to interesting artwork. Wishing you all the best of the season.

Genus Equisetum IV: Horsetail. Pastel, conte and charcoal on mylar on cradled panel.

40 inches high x 48 inches wide.

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