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January 2020

Updated: Feb 1

January has come and gone. In Vancouver, that means quite a bit of snow and lots of rain. It's kept me indoors tending to mundane tasks like working on my income tax return, checking out opportunities for workshops and residencies, and generally cleaning up my home, computer, studio, and anything that needs attention. It's too wet to go out ... and with a few exceptions, I stayed home. There are more snowflakes in the forecast.

Early January, I took down my exhibition at the Britannia Art Gallery, and attended a few workshops and gallery openings. Nice to touch base with other artists and look forward to the year ahead. Thanks to the many people who made this exhibition a success.

February will bring more of the same. A few flurries in the forecast, finishing up the tax return, and then off to the studio to create more artwork. That's the exciting part.

The triptych below was completed in June 2019 as part of an investigation of urban gentrification, which is slowly moving east along Hastings Street in Vancouver.

Title: Landmarks I, triptych, mixed media on panel, 72" wide x 32" high x 1.75" deep


Contemporary Visual Artist

copyright Dorothy Doherty 2010-2020.  all rights reserved.  

Dorothy Doherty is a Canadian artist who works and lives in Vancouver, BC.


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